We had a major renovation done on our house in Blackrock through 2020. As you can imagine we experienced a lot of disruption due to the Covid 19 situation. Even during the height of the lock down Denis stayed connected to us and we kept the project moving forward with good planning and engagement. The quality of the work and attention to detail was outstanding with Denis himself standing over every piece of work. This was not an easy project rewiring, replumbing, upgrading insulation in a 200 year old house while maintaining character and the history of the property.  Working with Denis was always easy as he is open and approachable and listens to the client throughout the entire process. He prides himself in delivering a top class finished home that meets both the needs and the dreams of the client.

I would have no issue at all recommending Denis and his team to any type of renovation work. Thanks to McGlynn Construction we have our dream home balancing 200 year old character in a modern warm and wonderful family home.