Energy Efficient Houses

Energy efficient dwellings are the future homes. Anyone gearing towards a greener home must take into consideration the following features which combine to create an energy efficient home.

The main features of energy efficient homes are:

  • Increased insulation to all areas including walls, roofs, floors, etc. External insulation to existing or old buildings should be considered;
  • Air tightness;
  • Heat recovery ventilation systems;
  • Solar panels;
  • Rain water harvesting tank;
  • Building or renovating an medium sized energy-efficient home takes approximately 5 months.

Clarence Mangan Rd, Dublin 8

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Client: Catherine Cleary and Liam Reid.

Architect: Jim Lawler (melted snow architects D8) 01 4002972

Description: To completely gut a two storey house. Remove entire back wall and support with R.S.J. Two extensions were added: one single and one two storey. All new work was timber construction. i.e. 200mm stud plied on both sides.

A vapour barrier was applied and cladded externally with cedar. Internally all walls completely sealed air tight using a membrane and proclima products. All services are now run between battens ensuring the seal is not broken. The existing house is also sealed. This project has solar panels, underfloor heating, water harvesting unit, external insulation, heat recovery ventilation.

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